22 Aug 2016

Boosting Enterprise Projects with Skilled Technology Professionals

The automotive industry is one of the major drivers of India’s economic growth. Today, the brisk pace of technological advancement and the presence of leading automakers and suppliers bring out unprecedented career opportunities related to design, development,
25 Apr 2016

Believe in yourself

In an interview, one can be polite and humble, and yet play from a position of strength Before going for an interview, the important question to ask oneself is ‘do you believe in yourself ?’ You see,
22 Mar 2016

Putting the Spotlight on HR Solutions

Over the past few decades outsourcing has emerged as an efficient strategy being adopted by organizations to take care of critical yet non-core functions. Finding the right outsourcing partner can make the difference by streamlining workflowsand making
4 Mar 2016

Five trends to watch in Indian telecom in 2016

The last two decades have seen the incessant transformation in the way technical information waves have driven the development of the telecom industry. However, the industry is coming to a saturation point and is likely to face
18 Jan 2016

Contract Staffing Market in India – A Perspective

Contract staffing in India is one of the oldest forms of manpower engagement and has been practiced over several centuries. The early kingdoms used to take people on contract to fight battles and they got a share
12 Jan 2016

RPO- A win win collaboration

Every organization has a unique DNA, characterized and represented by its people. In a popularly growing and diverse economy like India, it is interesting to see the versatility of our people who can moderate themselves to not
23 Dec 2015

HR service providers should build cost effective solutions

Every year, the way businesses operate is changing and HR is no exception to the rule. Currently every consulting company is leveraging the rise of technological acceleration to facilitate outcomes which are much more actionable and precise.
30 Oct 2015

Analytics 3.0 – For the Digital Economy

How many times have the business users been able to take fast decisions to help the end customer with relevant action and ensure the business accelerate in expected direction? The answer would probably be less than 30%.
26 Oct 2015

The Core of Psychometrics- Parameters & Evaluation

In today’s corporate scenario and across industries psychometric tests have become imperative to the recruitment processes. It is also widely considered during appraisals and promotions and in training and development of employees. For candidates who have approached
4 Sep 2015

The Rise of White Collar Job Market in India

The new world is exciting! Last decade and a half has witnessed globalization like never before. Our work places are comparable with those in the developed world. Our talent is globally recognized. The fancy for global assignments