I inherited the acting bug as a child. I grew to love the art of acting because of my school theatre club. It was my school theatre teacher who nurtured my love for the stage with his brilliant method of building each character and scene in my head. Behind my home study notebook, there was a list of the Kannada nominations and wins I would get. A far-fetched dream, but a dream for the longest time. I hoped to rank among the likes of Sandal Wood Actor Dr.Rajkumar and Shankar Nag, two of my many acting idols.

One would assume that given this undying love, I would have been studying drama. No I didn’t. I pursued my post-graduation. Coming from a family with rigid values about career, I gave due importance to my studies pursuing a career in finance. I had been working for around 8 years as a finance professional when I came across an opportunity to work with Quess. Having joined Quess in 2012, I can today say that it has been a journey of pure passion. For most actors acting is a way of life while for some it’s a hobby, a distraction from their usual routine, a ‘side thing’ (as a lot of people refer to it).For me, while working at Quess; I have found an opportunity to pursue both my passion for work and my love for acting. In 2016 while working with Quess I got the opportunity to complete a 6 month theatre Weekend Acting Course with Tent Cinema, Bangalore. I am also associated with Dhwani Theatre Group. After joining Quess I acted in a few movies and plays honing my acting skills with different roles;

1. Theatre: AAA Stage Drama 2016.
2. State Level Drama Competition in 2001: Adhunika Khurekshethra.
3. Street Play: Accident Awareness.
4. Web Series: The Other Love Story. https://youtu.be/BzA2LTCu7Z8
5. Bachelor Friends Kannada Comedy Short Movies https://youtu.be/IkXCebZoGr0
6. Nee Mayeyolage Sentimental Short Movie https://youtu.be/zYfHyeKo8cc
7. Sandalwood Movie: Kalbettadha Dharodekoraru (Releasing Soon) Trailer https://youtu.be/_i9ziwvb7bs

Throughout my journey with Quess I have received tremendous support and encouragement from my colleagues and superiors. The actor of passion, as I’d like to call myself is an identity I found at Quess.

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