When I was younger if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my answer would be a “software engineer”. Don’t ask me why and as I grew up I forgot about this (except console gaming).

As I was growing up I enjoyed watching martial arts. Drawing inspiration I enrolled for a martial arts course starting my adventures as a keen enthusiast. Soon I realized this was not just hobby, I realized I wanted to stand out of the common crowd. From that day in 2006 there has been no looking back; I have been out there in freezing cold and scorching summer days practicing to be an ace.

In 2009 I was advised by my martial arts mentor to start coaching for kickboxing.  With the enthusiasm of a sports fan I threw myself into training. “Every once in a while a person comes along who defies the odds, who defies logic, and fulfills an incredible dream.”- ROCKY. Coaching for Kickboxing has been a path of immense personal fulfillment. I went on to win several State Level Championships in kickboxing. In 2012 I bagged my first Gold medal in national Muay Thai(Thai boxing) Championship. In 2016 and 2017 I successively won the Bronze medal in Federation Cup – Kickboxing series.

For about six to seven years my family could’nt come to terms with my passion for pursuing kickboxing. Eventually my family accepted my decision and today are supportive of my passion towards kickboxing’ applauding me for my dedication and achievements.

In 2009 I was faced with the decision of following my passion or joining a full time job after my graduation. An acquaintance Mr. Pradeep Singh told me about Quess and I applied for a job here.

It’s been a real roller coaster with Quess. I have had my shares of ups and downs, but there is always a silver lining on a grey cloud. As a fresher the learning curve at Quess has been tremendous, each day I learn something new. Infact at Quess I have found immense support from my seniors and colleagues. Sports cuts across geography and economic strata directing passion that seeks excellence in fitness and a zest for winning, all of which reflect in the ethos of Quess. Quess Corp has recently entered into an agreement with East Bengal Football Club leading to the formation of Quess East Bengal Football Club. It gives me tremendous pride to tell people that I work for Quess Corp Limited which is the investor for Quess East Bengal Football Club.

Thinking back to my first few days coaching for martial arts on that cold rainy day in 2006, I had no idea the path it would lead me down. I can safely say that it has been an incredible journey of finding myself as a sportsman coupled with an experience of working with an amazing group of people at Quess.

All I can say is “I came from nothing, So I can never lose, Everything is a win…”

Authored by:
Dilip Kumar J
Quess Corp Limited

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