#IamQuess!’ If I asked you in complete honesty if this statement means anything to you, what would your answer be? ‘Yes, I work at Quess, but does that statement refer to life at Quess beyond work? Is that what you mean? We of course know the statistics: Quess Corp Ltd is the largest business services company in India today, with a team of over 261,000+ employees across India, North America, South America, South East Asia and the Middle East and that number is growing by the second, day on day. We have had a fantastic run through meaningful new acquisitions across domains, making us a global company with Indian values. We don’t just work to deliver, but all our work is driven by a passion for greater things. Our recent acquisition of East Bengal FC is a testament to this very spirit. Our Chairman & MD, Ajit Isaac’s zeal for football culminated in this grand acquisition driving home the point that everything we do here has a reason, one that resonates with our goal of bringing more and more people together under a single umbrella.

Quess has always been about ‘people’. We have only been able to steer ahead because of all our brilliant associates who come together seamlessly every time. Quess is present across 5 very distinct business segments, all of which are driven by the combined efforts of our people. If this feels difficult to comprehend, let’s look at some interesting facts. Did you know Quess transports over 50,000 shipments per day across 36 cities? Or that we have set up over 75,000 telecom towers in the country? That’s right, and we’re also the largest staffing team there is! Impressive isn’t it? From Facility Management to People Services, from Industrials to Technology Solutions and Internet Business, our range of businesses is diverse, enormous and far-reaching!

While WE know how crucial our people are to us, the team at Quess realized it was time to bring the “people” facet of Quess to the forefront and present it to the whole world. We envisaged a campaign whose only objective was to reflect and showcase the essence of Quess, our people and who we are. Thus was born ‘I Am Quess’ campaign. Driven by a crew of passionate, talented individuals, the campaign comprised of fiery boss ladies who showed everyone how it’s done! As an equal-opportunity employer, Quess has a large number of women employees in industries that are traditionally male dominated! Girl power, am I right? Having these ladies on board added a sense of realism to the campaign that reflects our way of working here at Quess.

From photographers and make-up artists to production leads and models, our full production crew juggled multiple roles effortlessly during the course of the campaign, and was able to capture the essence of what we do, and who we are by shooting our business scenarios in its most candid and natural best.

The production crew posing for us!

Now this campaign only marks the beginning of a sea of change at Quess. We are excited to explore the opportunities coming our way and are ready to face challenges head on! And while this post just gave you a glimpse into life at Quess and who we are made of, this is only the starting point. We’ve set the ball rolling and will be bringing you real stories of Quessians; individuals whose lives have been transformed by being with us. Join us on this eventful journey ahead!

Authored by:
Urmimala Bhattacharjee
Quess Corp Limited

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