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23 Dec 2015

HR service providers should build cost effective solutions

Every year, the way businesses operate is changing and HR is no exception to the rule. Currently every consulting company is leveraging the rise of technological acceleration to facilitate outcomes which are much more actionable and precise.
26 Oct 2015

The Core of Psychometrics- Parameters & Evaluation

In today’s corporate scenario and across industries psychometric tests have become imperative to the recruitment processes. It is also widely considered during appraisals and promotions and in training and development of employees. For candidates who have approached
4 Sep 2015

The Rise of White Collar Job Market in India

The new world is exciting! Last decade and a half has witnessed globalization like never before. Our work places are comparable with those in the developed world. Our talent is globally recognized. The fancy for global assignments
1 Sep 2015

Executive Search Industry– Changing Landscape

Over the last few years the Executive Search landscape witnessed difficult times and significant changes, which led organisations to control costs and opt for strengthening their recruitment teams internally. Having said that the value and importance of