In today’s world, where women’s safety is one of the most burning issues present, it is really important for a country to ensure the safety of its female citizens. In order to make our society safer, it’s important that workplaces adopt practices that help create a safe and secure environment so women feel valued. Luckily most organizations today understand the challenges presented by these issues and are helping to come up with solutions to tackle them.

Quess has been able to create an inclusive, non-discriminatory workplace environment for women to realize and execute their career potential by creating safe surroundings where they can work freely and put their ideas into actions without being ruled upon. Quess takes immense pride in constantly motivating these aspiring women to reach their goals.

“In this company we work freely without any obstruction or any pressure”, says Jayanti Majhi, working in Hofincons. We believe in the philosophy that there can be no progress without realizing gender equality, in an organization. Quess is a shining example of hope to all the women who dream of achieving great heights on their own. Another Hofincons employee Anita Behera says, “By working in this team we feel proud and honored since it is constantly shown by fellow employees in their attitude and behavior”.

Quess has carved a segmented, more focused approach towards maintaining gender diversity and providing a safe working atmosphere for women who dream big and are working towards their full potential of achieving success. Quess has in place women friendly policies that are aligned to fit in the various stages of their life which has in turn garnered a very positive response from women and greater participation at more levels of the organization. Women coming from different backgrounds bring in new perspectives and experiences, leading to shared mutual respect amongst one another.

Sairendri Majhi quotes, “If any difficulty arises, our manager makes it his priority to resolve it. We feel very much respected by this”.

This is what Quess has been able to achieve constantly. It has been able to provide women a platform, where they can work freely, let go of their inhibitions and make significant contribution to the organization.

That is what empowerment means; when every day, a woman walks out of her home, goes to work, comes back and takes care of her family, she is impacting so many lives. Be it her family, her colleagues, people with whom she travels, and when these same people are able to make her safe, they are unknowingly empowering her.

And that is what these women feel being at Quess. This is their story. And that is why these women are Quess.

Weewa Sakalley & Ankita Chauhan
Quess Corp Limited

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