Whenever you ask a kid, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” That kid will try to come up with all sorts of fascinating professions with those sparkling eyes, full of dreams. When that kid grows up, he ends up losing track of those dreams, because well, life happens.

Most of us can relate to that kid. When was the last time you picked up that book which you wanted to read for long? When was the last time you danced to the tune of your favourite song? When was the last time you went outdoors to explore that place you always wanted to go?

These are some of those small things which we tend to ignore and the excuses we give, “I was busy”, “I’ll do it on weekends.” But life is not meant to happen only on weekends. In today’s hectic schedule, it sure is difficult to take out time for things that matter to us but those little things are the ones that give meaning to our lives. On top of that, it’s a different ball game altogether if you are ardently trying to chase your passion.

But there are a few, who are constantly living it all by chasing their dreams. One of those people is Gamit Nisargkumar, one of the attendants working for Avon, on Delhi International Airport, Terminal-2. Gamit is an athlete from Gujarat, who has been running 21 kms and 42 kms marathon from past 7.5 years. During his association with athletics, Gamit has won 17 national medals and 2 international medals. Next month, he will be participating in Youth Olympics, 2018.

When asked, how his day looks like, Gamit said, “My job starts from 10 pm in the night and ends at 6 am in the morning. After my shift ends, I directly go to the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium for practice. Once my practice is over, I have breakfast and sleep for a couple of hours. At 1.30 pm, I take my lunch and have some rest. My practice resumes at 4.30 pm and goes on till 7.30 pm in the evening. Once my practice is over, I go back to my room, get ready and leave for the airport for my 10 pm shift.”

So, what keeps Gamit motivated? He answered, “Problems are a part of life. They are never-ending. My coach, Sunil Chaudhary, always tells me to approach everything like a battle. It’s always a do or die situation. If you start a race then no matter what, complete it. If you cannot complete it, then leave it. Instead of wasting your time, put your energy into something you find meaningful. That will automatically give you the strength to overcome all the challenges.

Gamit’s story tells us that life would keep coming your way and you will never run out of excuses to run away from things that are important to you.

All you need to do is hold onto things that matter and seize the opportunities that come your way. This is Gamit Nisargkumar. Gamit is Quess.

Authored by:
Ankita Chauhan
Quess Corp Limited

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