Ever since I was a little girl, my father used to tell me and my sister, the importance of self-dependence. He had always imbibed a sense of empowerment in both of us, be it by nudging us on travelling alone, voicing our opinions strongly, asking us to never hesitate if we are right and on making us understand the importance of principles.

Today was one of those days when I felt empowered, and it was all because of a seemingly innocent conversation with somebody known to the world as Rajo Devi. Rajo Devi is one of the associates at Avon Facility Management Services – A Quess Company, in charge of one of the ladies’ washrooms at New Delhi Terminal-3 Airport.

Rajo Devi first came in the public eye in a tweet (Click here for Tweet Link) by Anuradha Goyal, travel blogger for Inditales.

Anuradha was highly impressed by the professionalism shown by Rajo Devi. According to her, “She greets you when you enter, cleans the toilet after every use and wishes you again when you leave. Respect for the most professional lady!”

Rajo Devi has been associated with Avon from the past seven years and when asked about one thing which she always lives by while working for Avon every day, she says, ”I love working for Avon. The people here are very supportive. I always make sure that I do my work with utmost sincerity so that nobody has to point out me or my company. I feel that if I am sincere to my work and people around me, I will get that positivity back.”

So, what makes Rajo Devi an epitome of woman empowerment?

Well, it all started 19 years ago when Rajo Devi’s husband stopped supporting the family and the task of raising her 5 daughters fell on her shoulders. She stepped up, took the reins in her hands and became the sole bread earner of the house. Or shall I say, ‘Man of the house’? No, she became the ‘Woman of the house’, raising her daughters all by herself and teaching them the importance of sincerity and hard work – principles she had lived by her whole life. “My husband did not work, my house was sold, I lost two of my daughters, but I never made it evident how difficult it was for me to have raised 5 children all by myself. Only I know what I have gone through in my life,” she says.

When asked how she handled everything, she said, “I have faced a lot in my life and it took a lot of inner strength for me to face all these situations. I had to take care of my children. One thought which kept me going all these years was that, I am not the only one. There are a lot of people like me who are going through a lot.”

So what keeps Rajo Devi going? “I always tell my kids – Be a good human being, do your work with utmost hard work and sincerity. Never hurt anyone. Life unfolds itself so if you keep moving forward with dignity, you will get the strength to face anything.”

This is what Avon means to Rajo Devi, who has made a life for her and her daughters. This is Rajo Devi’s story, Rajo Devi is Quess.

Authored by:
Ankita Chauhan
Quess Corp Limited

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