When it comes to Life, most of us are running. Running behind that dream job, that luxury apartment, that stylish car. But seldom do we feel that we are fulfilling the purpose of our life because most of the time, we hardly know what our purpose is. Heavy, isn’t it?

Well, in simple words, do we feel happy? We have everything materialistic but do we feel satisfied? These are some of the questions which if answered will unlock that door to happiness. Somebody rightly said that Happiness is a decision. And that decision can be achieved with a little inspiration.

Inspiration – a tool which helps us get through every possible struggle. It can be easily found, only if, one is truly willing to open their heart and mind. And sometimes, that inspiration can be found in people around us, people like Leena Joseph, who has been working as a receptionist at Quess Terrier office from past 25 years.

Leena is a source of inspiration and strength for the people around her. Born with cerebral palsy, a set of neurological conditions that affects a person’s movement, Leena was abandoned by her parents when she was three-years-old, and was left in the care of the sisters at Mother Teresa’s Convent, Bengaluru. But this is not who Leena is. Leena is that fighter within all of us who just refuses to give up, who has been spreading smiles with her never die attitude.

Today, you will see Leena at the reception with a welcoming smile and vibrant aura. But life was never easy for her. Early in her life, she had accepted that pain was going to be constant in her life. To survive, she would have to work through it. And that is what she did. She gradually learnt to take one day at a time.

Leena has no complaints or questions to her parents. “I never knew why my parents did what they did. But, despite everything, life has turned out to be fine,” she says.

While doing her higher studies, she met Captain S Ravi in the convent, who was the head of Quess Terrier at that time. He offered her a job and she has been here ever since. Leena feels that she has an amazing support system. And that has always given her the strength to get up each day despite the pain and rise to the challenges. She says, “From the nuns at the convent to the people at Terrier, I’ve been blessed with amazing people around me. I also have a friend in Canada, a priest named Lawrence, who gives me advice and guides me. I met him when I was seven-years old, when I was undergoing treatment at St Martha’s. The people at Terrier are lovely. They do whatever little they can to help me. If I’m unwell, they even offer to take me to the hospital.”

This is what Terrier means to Leena. A place where she can be herself without being categorized, defined and stereotyped. Leena continues to impact the lives of other Quessians through her vigour. This is Leena’s story. Leena is Quess.

Authored by:
Ankita Chauhan
Quess Corp Limited

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