The journey of “I am Quess” began when we started receiving stories from our colleagues, knowing little that we would be stumbling upon so many dazzling personalities in the process of it. We received such an overwhelming response from Quessians across the world; in this manner we received these treasured stories and shared 25 of the best gems with you all!

All these stories were so diverse and vibrant from each other yet they all had one thing in common: that one must give everything they got to keep their passion ignited and running. Despite of the stringent deadlines, these talented individuals never let anything come in the way of achieving their goal. And how being a Quessian helped them be better versions of themselves, time and again.

Over the course of last 6 months, these heroes have relentlessly proven how much we can do for ourselves and still have plenty to offer to the world. People coming from different backgrounds expressing their life chronicles not only inspired us but also augmented feathers to Quess’s hat.

In this expedition of unfolding the stories of our fellow mates, we came across Rajo Devi who is setting the example that women are not damsels in distress but warriors of their own right. We saw Shimith who has been working day in and day out to improve school conditions for children which were impacting their health, education and hygiene facilities. We witnessed Sriram, his young blood trembling to make big changes by starting his own foundation to save the environment and motivating others to do the same.

Breaking the stereotypes in an organizational setup, Arun came forward with his tale to tell. We met Christei on the way, innocently giving us glimpses of his days as he tirelessly works for children in an orphanage. Suman shares her story of being a national level hockey player and her passion for social work. The dynamic biker duo Krishna and Ram showed us age is just a number. And how can we forget the exciting journey of Parag and his dedication to the art of food and cooking. But you need a leader to guide you and expand your horizon; just like what Vijay did, believing that sky is not the limit.

We met a plethora of individuals on this journey; a melodious singer in Meghana, a fantastic drummer in Sumit, a true survivor in Leena, a passionate runner in Gamit, an inspirational body builder in Debasis, an articulate poet in Nasim and a talented actor in Manjunath, to name a few.

All these 25 stories tell us one common thing; that while it may be hard to keep pushing ourselves, but the right support from friends, family and your organization can make all the difference. All these proud Quessians attained what they aspired for and are not stopping here as their journey has much more in store for them.

On this note, it is now time to declare who is the lucky individual whose story touched us all and who will be receiving the Amazon voucher of Rs. 2000. There are no winners and losers here and all these stories have undoubtedly left us motivated and geared to make our own lives bigger and better. For that, we’ll always be thankful.

After our internal polling, we congratulate Shimith from the CWF team for winning the “IAmQuess” contest and giving us the honor of telling his story out loud to the world.

With this, we end our journey of “IamQuess” blog series but the never ending process of being a better version of ourselves and helping others shall go on.

We are here to conquer! We strive for the best! We are Quess!!


Authored by:
Weewa & Urmimala (Team Marcom)
Quess Corp Limited

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