In this crazy race called life, we are all running towards different destinations, irrespective of the journey. We tend to be so engrossed in leading this life that we forget the essence of our being. I love the quote written by Paulo Coelho in his book ‘Like a flowing river’, “Life is like a mountain and we all are climbers. In the process of reaching that top, we should not ignore the journey of climbing. Every now and then, we should stop for a while and appreciate the beauty of that mountain called Life.”  This thought stayed</br> with me.

Since my association with Comtel, Singapore, one thing which I have always loved about Comtel was the work-life balance that we employees got. I had enough time to dedicate to my work and family. My manager and my team are among the most supportive people I have come across. And that was when I decided to participate in a beauty pageant named Mrs Singapore Beauty Queen, which was held in April, this year at Singapore. I was amongst the top finalists and won the subtitle of Mrs Iconic.

Life has always been the best teacher to me. When I was young, I underwent major health issues. But with the support of my friends and family, I was able to overcome all of it. And that actually taught me the importance of leading a balanced and healthy life. That was one of the many reasons, I decided to participate in Mrs Singapore Beauty Queen pageant 2018. Also, I believe that beauty pageants bring out the best in women, in terms of, both inner and outer beauty. It gives every woman a platform where they can do amazing things; and hence for me it was the exact platform I needed, to transform into a better version of myself.

When I was preparing for the pageant, everyone around me was excited for my journey. My husband who has a busy work and travel routine, helped me a lot and supported me throughout. My parents flew down from India and helped me in looking after my son as I was occupied on weekends preparing for the event. My colleagues constantly boosted my confidence. Everyone came together to help me achieve this goal!

One thing which I always live by is that there is no short cut in life. To me, life is all about growth, experiments, failures and mostly, the lessons learnt from those failures. My advice is not to lose your focus. Just stay focused at whatever your goals are.

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try and the best achievement is doing something which you think you can’t do. So, be thankful for what you have and be fearless for what you want. And that, for me, signifies I am Quess“

Authored by:
Savita Dedha
Comtel, Singapore

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