My passion towards writing is something beyond words; be it poems, articles, short stories or even essays. Since my school time itself, I started to develop this skill and I’ve also written essays and stories for my friends as well. Writing makes me feel alive, and the satisfaction I get whenever I see my thoughts buzzing into words on a piece of paper is pure bliss. I have won many competitions and was somewhat famous back in my high school for my writing skills. Even today, if anyone asks me what my hobbies are, writing will definitely top the list.

However, post finishing my high school, I witnessed some drastic changes in my life. Being the eldest in my family, especially with a single parent (mom) & 3 younger siblings, things were definitely not easy. Family responsibility at a very young age made me mature and practical. I began to understand that all my decisions hereafter will impact my family too. Family responsibilities and eventually multiple offers from different universities just diverted my mind from all my hobbies, including writing. I had to concentrate on running my family and priorities shifted to my studies. Almost for 4 years, all my time and energy were focused on this premeditated path.

Once I graduated as a Bachelor of Law, LL.B (Hons), the next phase of my life awaited: my career! It was at that point I realized that not everyone will be fortunate enough to get their dream job in the first go and young people often find it difficult to find a job in tandem to their educational qualifications. After my stint with other organizations where my skills weren’t completely utilized, I was lucky to have gotten an offer from Quess. Though I was a greenhorn for this Customer Service Consultant position that I was hired for, I had these amazing work buddies who helped me through this journey of mine. I started to get accustomed to all of the work criteria and my KPI’s. Over here I met a lot of people with various background and stories. It was amazing that this place and all these people had inspired me to write again which was beyond my thoughts at that moment.

Now, I have started to write all over again. My deep buried passion and talent got lit up. My recent project was assisting my senior lecturer with his work on ‘’Child Marriages and NGO’S Role in Helping The Affected” which is currently under progress. I even started to write some articles and short stories for different school magazines as well. One of my goals was to start my own blog and to inspire as many people as I can, especially young girls who feel insecure on their self-esteem. And I strongly believe that Quess will support me in realizing my goals.

Besides reigniting my passion, Quess also taught me a lot which molded me into who I am right now at this very moment. At this place, I learned that no boundaries can stop one from dreaming. No one can limit your imagination except your own self-doubt. Working under Quess has made me stronger, both emotionally and mentally as I confront new matters and situations every day, and also honed my soft skills like communication and people management.

Today, I can proudly say that Quess indeed made me realize my own capabilities, as well as gave me a clearer direction on my goals. The realization hit me now that sometimes we have to let go of our dream for certain reasons but whether it’s forever or pro-tempore, it’s totally in our hands to attain it. My decision to accept the offer by Quess was what set me en-route to reaching my destination and I am proud to say that I am Quess!

Authored by:
Tulasi Ayaoo
Customer Service Consultant – Quess Malaysia

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