My name is Arun and I am a hearing impaired individual. I was born in Hassan, Karnataka. I was not born deaf. As an infant, I contracted fever; on recovering my parents realized I had lost my hearing. I must say I was lucky to have my parents and brother by my side, as their constant support & efforts are the reason behind me enjoying a normal and healthy life today.

Giving due importance to my adapting to the world in general, my parents enrolled me in Clarke School of Deaf, Chennai at the tender age of five. Most of my childhood was spent living in the hostel in Chennai. For most, living away from family from a young age is traumatic however you got to do what you have to do to make the best out of every situation. In my case I can safely say it was an experience I cherish wholeheartedly, having made numerous friends along the way.

As a child I had always shown a keen interest in painting, creative designing and character illustrations. Seeing my passion and enthusiasm towards the creative arts, my family encouraged me to hone my painting skills which brought me several accolades and awards since my school days itself. After successfully completing my Bachelors in Fine Arts, I started my professional career.

With several laws protecting disabled persons in India from any form of discrimination and ensuring their access to equal employment opportunities, I have had the privilege of working in several start-ups as well as MNC’s. A few months back I came to know about an opportunity to work in Quess from a friend. Right from the interview process to on-boarding my colleagues were welcoming and very supportive. The journey so far with Quess has been great with all my colleagues making me feel included.

I must add that a disabled employee can bring a range of skills, talents, qualifications and abilities to a business/organization. In the right job given the rights opportunities and facilities, employees with disability perform at par as any other employee. In short, a diverse workforce can only improve productivity, employee morale, and help contribute to social development. With the right initiatives and steps in place, this is something that all companies can strive for and achieve.

Authored by:
Arun K L
Quess Corp Limited

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