We all have something that makes us feel alive, a pursuit that adds a little extra meaning to our lives. For me, drumming is what gives me that sense of fulfilment and purpose. My drumming career started way back in my school days when I was 15. The push from my seniors to join the school’s marching band had been an initial catalyst in my taking drumming as a hobby, and unknowingly it soon turned to become a passion for life.

Since I joined Quess in 2015, the work environment and co-operative colleagues have substantially helped me in keeping my passion alive. Quess has always given me the opportunity to perform in Sangam (Annual cultural event) wherein I got the chance to perform in front of the leadership team. Different training programmes at Quess have greatly helped in enhancing my skills in various aspects which have not only benefitted my professional career but also personal life.

During my stint as a drummer, I have had a chance to perform in numerous musical repertoires and soirees with some great stalwarts like Mr. Manojit Dutta, Mr. Jolly Mukherjee and some renowned bands from Kolkata like The Orient Express, Abhilasa & Agnish. I have been recognised by Trinity College of Music, London, as a teacher to prepare students for Drumming.

Recently, I became an endorsee with an international cymbal brand ‘Soultone’. I got a call from the PR Department of “Soultone Cymbal Company” one night congratulating me on becoming an official endorsee. Getting a call from a foreign phone number at midnight and getting to listen what I have been wanting to for a long time, was definitely a wonderful surprise for me.

I am also associated with a non-profit making organization which teaches different musical instruments to students. I am a visiting mentor for specialised drumming sessions and have conducted various workshops with them. I feel it’s these little things that I get to do, that make my life so meaningful. No matter, at what time I reach home, I make sure to play for some time in my practice pad. It relaxes my mind and de-stresses me which helps me to focus and start the next day with a fresh mind.

“We are only limited to 24hrs in a day, so we should love & value the time we have and rest everything will fall into place.
I live my life with this motto and to me that is the true spirit of I am Quess!”

Authored by:
Sumit Mukherjee
Coacheive, Bengaluru

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