Everybody comes to this point in life – sooner or later, where you question everything you’ve given to build up your career, when all the carefully-laid plans don’t seem to make sense anymore. There comes this need to act impulsively, make big changes, and wonder in which direction your life is headed. I too was caught up in this confused stage of life when I was contacted by a recruiter from Quess. Wow – I’ve been headhunted! By the time the recruiter called, I had already handed in my resignation at my old job, and so the call from Quess could not have come at a more opportune time. I was called for an interview the very next day and once the recruiter felt I was a good fit for their requirements, I was introduced to the senior management for the next stage of interviewing. Long story short, my interview went seamlessly and before I knew it, I was sitting at my workstation.

The job was all Greek to me. As a brand management cum marketing person throughout my career, I had been dealing with demand forecasting, sales analysis, brand proposals, marketing communications, client relationships etc. HR was something I was passionate about – but had zero experience in. The Account Manager role – luckily was a combination of my passionate avenues – both marketing and HR. It was not even a month, and I was given 10 clients to handle – a challenge which I happily accepted. Next month it became 15, and in less than a year of my tenure – it became 30+! I was never the kind to excel or stand out. But Quess molded me to become someone who excelled in the things she did. I was recognized for my quick turn-around time and my ability to build and maintain relationships. Quess had shaped me to become the best version of myself in a flexible, learning environment that tolerated mistakes – as long as you used them as stepping stones for your growth.

I was able to complete my Master’s Degree during my 1st year at Quess which was a huge support and further cemented my faith in the company. Quess drove me towards proving myself; granting me with a pay hike and a level hike in recognition of my performance, for which I’m forever grateful. All that I’ve become in this past year, I owe to Quess. And going forward I only see myself doing better. I am proud to say that #IamQuess!

Authored by:
Amirda Varshini Saravanabavan
Lead Executive (Ops), Quess Sri Lanka

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