Quess’s journey began when most of its clients, after being the recipient of high quality services we provided in India; wanted the same support and services to be replicated in their regions outside India. “Customers that we did very well in technology and outsourcing space, came back to say they wanted support in Manila, Philippines”, says Vijay Sivaram, Regional Director, Quess APAC. It was not just from technology and outsourcing point of view but from the countries’ GDP and people outsourcing point of view, a lot of scope and opportunities seem to appear. And then, in 2014, Quess decided to plunge in Asia Pacific market and never looked back.

For any new organisation who decides to set up its roots in new country will have to face a few constrictions and so did Quess. Firstly, lack of brand awareness in the country which Quess quickly solved by providing superior quality of service levels. “Good Execution never fails” says Vijay. Secondly, working with people of diverse backgrounds and cultures is a challenge in itself.  Thirdly, setting up the financial structure of organisation which is aligned with Quess principles, and aligning everything with the country’s laws.

Quess takes pride in being an organisation that puts ethic and principles first; impediments did arise in getting work done from government agencies and private vendors. Vijay continues, “No doubt, there was steep learning curve for us but Quess being a people oriented company where we put people first, it was always a lot easier in any country because our values and principles are very strongly rooted.”

Quess’s future in APAC looks bright as it plans to aggressively to grow organically by acquiring and entering into new geographies such as Australia, Indonesia and Hong Kong. Quess also looks at introducing all of its service offerings in the existing geographies. The recent launch of our Facility Management Services in Sri Lanka and Malaysia and Conneqt in Vietnam advocates for the same.

“The investments that we do in technology in India is way ahead in many markets and we try to leverage that technology into these markets as well. We look forward to introducing Conneqt, Monster, Avon, Simpliance, Terrier, Qdigi and Qtek in existing APAC region we operate in”, adds Vijay.

On the subject matter how he managed to grow this business in new region with help of his team and family, he comments, “I have had luxury of working with some fantastic people who work without even knowing me in the past yet, they put 120% efforts in their job every day and ensure that Quess meets its target and its number. Also, working with some fabulous set of people who come from very diverse set of cultures, it teaches you as a person that at the end of it all we are just humans trying to achieve a greater good. Personally, the work life balance was always a challenge. But with great support of family you get through all that. My family has been extremely accommodating and kind. They supported me through that and helped in getting all the other things sorted out.” “When your house is in order generally work is too” says Vijay.

Journey of Quess from spreading across five countries with over 3000 team members in just 3 years, being profitable from year one and gaining more than 150+ customers in the regions who now vouch for Quess’s portfolio and services, has been extremely inspiring and assures us of promising future that Quess holds.

Authored by:
Weewa Sakalley
Quess Corp Limited

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