“The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.” 
Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Shimith came to Quess as a client engineer first. He was responsible for the building construction and has stayed on ever since as an assistant manager in CWF. He looks after the infrastructural part i.e. school and class framework in CWF. Constantly being on the road looking for schools which need help, his journey so far has been amazing. His team goes contacting the schools, performing need assessment and based on this, they begin developing the infrastructure. They believe that before giving classes to the children, they should have basic facilities like toilets, classroom furniture, playground equipment, etc. The situation of government schools is very pathetic. Quoting from his experience of visiting a school 2 years back in Varthur, Shimith says, “The toilet was completely black, with waste afloat. You can clearly see the footprints of small children inside it. I was shaken that day.”

Loving his work, he doesn’t want to move from CWF to hardcore civil engineering anymore where he will just build concrete jungles, whereas now he can help build children’ future.

An avid bike rider who started his 26 day bike tour from Kerala via Goa & Delhi to Kashmir & Leh Ladakh, he is also an artist who has dedicated his talent to children. He paints and makes the walls of CWF partnered government schools beautiful with his attractive educative murals. He is also learning 3D designing professionally and has designed more than 300 houses for friends and family till date.

Since childhood, Shimith was a completely independent lad. At a very young age he understood the value of money and has never been dependent on his parents. He has done all sorts of jobs, ranging from unloading sand from trucks to concrete work, from tiling the floor to painting houses. He managed to pay for his own education making him realize that no job is small.

He says, “In the beginning the teachers and staff of the school are not that supportive as they have preconceived notions about NGOs barging in and overpromising and under delivering. But when they see the team and the spirit of the partnered vendors, they realize that this assurance is not a hoax.” Shimith also likes to design classrooms as Bengaluru faces a challenge of minimal spaces; thus optimum utilization of the resources is where he helps out a lot.

After the completion of the task, teachers and school authorities come to the team to tell them how glad they are to receive help from Quess because for many organizations, helping schools is just a matter of positive public image building but Quess not only improves school infrastructure but also takes on the responsibility of operational maintenance thereafter, showing their genuineness.

“I have understood this very early in my life that children are the way to a better future. Making the life of these kids better one at time will make all the difference in the world. We never know who we are helping. They can tomorrow become a president, a scientist, an astronomer and whatnot. Quess has given me this incredible opportunity to make a difference and this is how I am Quess.”

Authored by:
Weewa Sakalley
Quess Corp Limited

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