I am Meghana KB, from Shimoga, currently working as an ‘Assistant Manager – Digital Marketing & Demand Generation’ for ‘Dependo Logistics’ for more than a year now (joined on 3rd Oct 2017).

I am a part of ‘cross selling’ team as well – for Quess Corp. Since I joined, I have been given exposure to various opportunities and I thank Quess for making me push my limits and enabling me to upgrade my skills.

When I joined, I was very impressed to see the quality of inductions that were made available to me.  The way I was introduced to the world of Quess Corp as a new recruit, was praiseworthy. I have always felt very happy and proud to work in an ever-growing company like Quess. It feels really empowered and motivated to see the quarterly R&R programs where the employees are appreciated for their hard work and dedication to the company. And that in my opinion is one of the virtues of Quess.

Singing has always been my passion since my childhood. My mother used to teach me how to sing devotional songs and since then I have not stopped singing. Singing is like meditation to me which enables me to test my limits. I always try to learn different songs and take it as a challenge. With every challenge conquered, I reach to the next level of singing, especially classical!

Although I am not a professional singer but I do sing for my near ones from time to time and am always eager to get their feedback thus focusing on becoming my better self.

I have had some opportunities to sing in a couple of TV channels where I got a chance to portray my craft to a wider audience. Udaya Music, a Kannada music channel has telecasted my Kannada patriotic song in one of their TV programs ‘SomeGeetha’. Tamerica, an American-Tamilian TV channel has telecasted a Tamil promo song that I was a part of. One of the most memorable and proudest moment for me was when I sung Hindi songs for the ‘Indian Air Force’ event held at IAF, Bangalore. I was also a TV anchor during my college days where I used to do anchoring for live programs to play the requested songs by the audience. It was on a popular city cable channel in Karnataka named Amogha. I have had the privilege of organizing and hosting a couple of programs like ‘Kannada Rajyotsava’ in previous companies. Last but not the least, Quess Sangam 2018 was an amazing platform which encourages all the talented employees of Quess. I had a gala time performing a duet song as part of the Quess band.

According to me, learning is a continuous process which is never ending and goes on till the end of your life. People value a person based on the subject knowledge they have in their field of work. We need to keep on learning & be well versed with the new technologies in this fast paced era.

Sales & Marketing is a never ending path where the way of approach varies according to the industry & target audience, and being at Quess I have had the opportunity of reaching out to customers to solve their needs, and for me that is why I feel that I am Quess.

Authored by:
Meghana KB
AM – Digital Marketing & Demand Generation-Dependo

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