“Life is more about the journey, not the destination”. This statement is so in line with my life at Quess and probably the reason for my 10+ year’s stint and still counting. For me, Quess is like an open ground where you can run as far as you can and as long as you want, and there is no stopping. During my tenure, I have been through multiple functions and departments, and now my role is such that I have to be an outside thinker, and be abreast of what the customer desires. I can confidently say that my growth has been possible because of Quess; it was by working here that I was able to gain such a rich experience. I find Quess to be a place which forces an individual out from his shell. The culture here is very unique as there are no boundaries set for an individual which actually brings out your true performance.

At Quess, we put small milestones for each quarter and win over our competitors. It is like a test match where we play session by session and win over opponents. Speaking of which, I always have a gala time with my cricket team of fellow Quessians. We call ourselves ‘Spartans’ and mostly play matches with the other corporates in Delhi NCR. It is an alternate weekend affair and we have won many of those games.

People who know me would know that I am an avid traveler and an occasional photographer. I feel that work surely gives meaning to our life but travel is something which gives meaning to our soul. In my travel escapades, I have made sure to cover varied ground. I have covered every highway running out of the National Capital, from the rugged mountain ranges of Himalayas to the barren deserts of Rajasthan. I got to witness the spirit of nature through the sunrise at the banks of river Ganga and sunset in the mountain ranges of Pushkar. Next on my list is to complete the Golden Quadrilateral, a national highway network connecting the major metro cities in India, thus covering all four regions. I also plan to do a fulfilling snow ride sometime in the coming winter.

Travelling has always taught me to never give up on myself. The challenges will keep coming your way but your approach to turn it around is what keeps you going. These are the lessons which I have always implanted in my life, be it professional or personal.

This is my story and I believe in moving forward constantly without any fear and that I believe is the essence of I am Quess.

Authored by :
Tej Hans Raj Singh
IKYA, Delhi

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