Rise and rise again, and again,
like the Phoenix from the ashes
Until the lambs have become lions
and the rule of darkness – is no more.

  • Maitreya The Friend of All Souls, The Holy Book of Destiny

For years, through good times and tough times, this quote has stayed with me as a constant reminder of the fact that no matter what nature throws at you, there’s always an opportunity to stand up and rise above it. After a long and tiring day, one of my favorite ways to unwind is to play some comforting and restful music and prepare a wholesome delicious dinner for my friends and family. The kitchen is like a therapeutic space for my frazzled nerves. As I slice and dice, the sounds of chopping vegetables against my chopping board calms my mind and pacifies my soul.

Cooking comes naturally to me but it started with an accident. Throughout my formative years, I learnt a lot about food by watching my mother in the kitchen. But my actual moment of truth came when I was experimenting with food for the first time at my rented apartment in central Delhi. I remember putting 6 eggs in a pressure cooker (without any water, mind you) and completely forgetting about it – almost blowing up my entire kitchen. Cut to the year 2018, give me an hour or two, and I can comfortably rustle up a 3 course meal in almost 4 different cuisines. Rise and Rise again!

At times I feel, that in today’s world, a lot of people make cooking a very stressful event. They keep trying to cook a dish and make it look exactly like how Gordon Ramsay or Sanjeev Kapoor might make it look on TV. But, my take is different. I believe if one enjoys the process, a miraculous blend of flavor and texture happens automatically.

A healthy mind, combined with a healthy body can be a force to reckon with, when they are in complete sync with each other. And I try a very simple recipe for this fusion. All it takes is a dash of living, a sprinkle of imagination, a bundle of happiness and the ecstatic rumble of blending, till it stimulates the bonds of love and friendship. Be it with family at home, friends at a bistro, colleagues in a pub or strangers at an airport, the bond of food is a bond that enriches relationships worldwide.

My learnings from the kitchen have helped me on my work front as well. I have always applied the principle of always enjoying the process of what I do since my past 8 years’ association with Monster. Through my journey at Monster and Quess, I have learnt to enjoy the process, and not worry about perfection. I strive each day to do better and achieve higher in life, and work harder & harder to enrich the life of people around me.

I strive to Deliver Growth – I am Quess!

Authored by:
Parag Zacharia
Manager – Training
Monster – APAC, Hyderabad

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