“We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love, and together we can do something wonderful” – Mother Teresa.

Christei Michael, working in Quess for more than 4 years in the Bengaluru office, has led quite an unconventional life. Ever since he was a little boy, he always dreamt of helping people. Early in his life he joined the church and was determined to become a priest, not usually common for a kid. But life had something else stocked for him. He started working in Quess where he was first in-charge of payroll and led a significant increase in headcount. With a highly talented team around, he has been constantly motivated to give his best at work. “What induced me to work here was my colleague Girish, and the leadership teams under whom I have worked”, says Christei. During his stint in payroll, he was responsible for transforming the manual process of exit into an automated one across India, thus reducing exit process lag cycle from 90 to 40 days. He adds, “Earlier there was no F & F settlement done in Quess through absconding. We used to never bother about it. We almost brought back 7 lakhs to the organization.” Seeing his inclination towards innovation and creativity, he was then made part of special projects team where they are working to create a fully automated HRMS product called PeopleDesk; a product which will keep the entire track record from onboarding to exit, streamlining the process. “I was shifted here with no prior knowledge of software. I love how much trust Quess puts in its employees. I can do things here in my way. Not many companies give you this sort of freedom.”

A passionate toy collector, he proudly owns antique toys and vintage figurines. He believes that these toys keep reminding him to nurture that innocent child in him. Big happiness surely do come in small packages.

And so to give back the happiness he received, he founded a way out. With help from his wife Divya, he is now a permanent volunteer in an NGO called Shishu Mandir, an orphanage offering adoption services and care and education to children. “When I am not in office, I am at Shishu mandir playing around with 300+ kids. I go for verification of the couples who want to adopt kids, do their counseling. On Sundays, we have cricket & volleyball matches there & all stress leaves me”, he proudly adds.

One particular baby had Osteogenesis or brittle bone disease. Now, with the continuous efforts of Shishu mandir, that kid got adopted and has been receiving treatment in the USA. The NGO also works for downtrodden kids who have single parents and not enough means to spend on education. They sponsor them from kinder garden to post graduation. “We work on the donation given by the locals of the area. Wherever I go I spread the word for Shishu Mandir and its upto the people to help in whatever way they can. Once people come to visit us, they surely return because the environment is like that.”

Believing in “we make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”, Christei has definitely shown us the true meaning of ‘sharing is caring’. This was his story.

“Still a lot left to learn and give; every day is a new day. Every day I am becoming more compassionate and confident. And this is how, I am Quess.”

Authored by:
Weewa Sakalley
Quess Corp Limited

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