Life is all about growth; be it personal, professional or one that captures an individual’s holistic growth. But the best kind of growth is of course one that encapsulates the essence of all three. At Quess, the company’s goal is to first and foremost help its people find their true calling and give wings to their hard work, dreams and passions. Giving testimony to this train of thought is Girish K, who manages HR operations for many of Quess’s group companies. “I joined Quess 6 years back as a senior executive HR, and during my time here have been able to achieve immense growth and success, boosting my professional stature.” Girish has been a one-man army, handling the operations for almost a 1000 employees by himself when he first joined. Cut to today where he’s leading a team of 10 and managing almost 6000+ employee details. “My time at Quess has been very eventful. My learning curve was immense, and there was something new I got to do every day which in turn has made me a very skilled, able and experienced asset for the company. I love working here.”

Girish’s scope of work is vast. From handling integration activities for Quess’s acquired brands across India to sensitive data management, the trust that Girish has earned from his managers and superiors is immense. He is also instrumental in implementing digitization for pay-rolling which was earlier a paper-bound process. “I have been handling confidential data for about 3 years now, and I would say that I have been able to earn my superiors’ trust through my hard work, dedication and sincerity. My managers support me in my decisions and give me a lot of freedom too knowing that I will as always live up to their expectations.” In short, Girish’s outstanding work was recognized and rewarded by the management who saw the potential in him and gave him ample opportunities to grow.

Hailing from Haasan, Girish dabbles in indoor and outdoor sports and is a huge movie enthusiast. Girish’s passion for work and life is evident in his cheerful smile and a never-give-up attitude that makes him the perfect example of what a Quession is like. “Some of my closest friends are my colleagues, and the positive work culture I enjoy here only motivate me to do better. I am happy to say that I am Quess!”

Authored by:
Urmimala Bhattacharjee
Quess Corp Limited

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