In today’s world, it is almost impossible to find a relevant career to one’s academic background. I would say I’ve been fortunate enough to have found a company like Quess which is so perfectly compatible to my skills set, experience and academic background. I come from Lahore, Pakistan however I have been living in Dubai with my family for the last 22 years and have been with Styracorp for the last 9 years now. As an individual, I like having structure and always aim for perfection. Unlike popular belief that the employee who work non-stop sustains best performance, I believe that allowing myself to take breaks is what makes me most effective in my workplace, because I know the value of utilizing and maximizing my productivity. Using my time wisely empowers me and gives me peace. So whether it is a 10 minute break, a weekend or even a whole week off once a year to travel with my family, I take pride in my ability to manage time well.

I have never believed that any job or career choice is fundamentally incompatible to allowing one to spend good time with their family/ friends, or engage in self-fulfilling passions. Being a father with a full time job, I am still able to pursue my passions and hobbies. In fact these are the things that give me most satisfaction and gratification. For me prioritizing is of the utmost importance, otherwise my day would be lost in calls and emails. So I breakdown and compartmentalize my responsibilities and tasks consistently. I’m not always around my family but when I am, I make sure I’m a 100 percent present. I don’t let any of my responsibilities hijack my time or my life! So when I hit the pillow I’m at peace knowing I have done all I can to give each aspect of life its due right, whether it’s my colleagues, my family or my friends.

I’m a huge sports buff and have participated in various tournaments for cricket, squash, table tennis, volley ball and snooker being my favorite. I recently won a snooker tournament in Dubai at a local club. Despite the debate on whether snooker is or isn’t a sport, I love this game. Where life is fast and unpredictable, snooker is slow paced and reliable. It is almost anti-competitive in this brash, success-obsessed world, and I consider it meditative as it helps me to focus and increase my overall attention. It helps me strategize and improvise which becomes necessary when juggling multiple spectrums of life.

Apart from sports, I am an automobile fanatic as well. Season drag racing and 4×4 off-roading are activities that keep my adrenaline rushing.  I am probably one of the few people who do not get cloudy or nervous under high pressure situations. In fact, I work better under pressurizing situations. I like to constantly look ahead and try to figure out what could go wrong and prevent it, or at least minimize the damage. This is not just my motto on the road but also in life.

As they say success is not an accident. It comes with determination, hard work and perseverance, and for me all of this comes together in conjunction from the support I received at Quess. I am and will always be proud to say that “IamQuess”!

Authored by:
Zain Ahsan
Styracorp Management Services

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