Sriram joined Quess in July 2016 to work for APAC region. Joined as a Team Lead, he is now Assistant Manager managing contract staffing team for Malaysia. His life has been an exciting journey with him becoming an inspiration for new generation playing their part in environment protection.

From listener to speaker, receiver to giver, member to president, commoner to a leader; Yes! All of this has happened in Sriram’s life. Being from an agrarian & orthodox family, he had compassionate view frame of seeing the world. It all started when one day he saw people cutting trees for road expansion and view of trees been chopping off haunted him for days. The very thought of who is taking a charge in saving the earth and preserving it for the future set him onto a new course of journey and he decided he has to take the onus on himself. He joined a youth base organisation as a volunteer where he eventually became the President of the Hyderabad chapter with his unwavering attitude and hard efforts. He moved on with this chain of thoughts, along with his friends from previous NGO, and in 2016 founded an NGO called “Earthlings: Saviour of the Earth”.

Since then, the NGO has taken a lot of successful initiatives and propagated knowledge in the most innovative ways possible. He started with a lean team of 5 and now it has expanded to 200+ volunteers operating in Hyderabad, Chennai and Bengaluru. The NGO has garnered attention of the local newspaper and media for the thoughtful work they do for the society.

He says his journey so far is just a small gesture to repay what Mother Nature has bestowed upon us. Sriram says, “This has transformed me into a better person and a true leader. I have been invited as a speaker to colleges to raise voice against global warming, and teach people how we can protect the environment in everyday life. I got a very positive response from students who showed interest and joined my NGO.”

The NGO effectively instrumented the “Waste Management” concept in the Marathons by collecting, separating and disposing the waste into 3 categories Recyclable, Non-Recyclable and Food Waste. Ensuring the cleanliness post and pre event, their hardwork has now spurred many organisations to incorporate the same. His team takes challenge of remodelling the dirty places of the city, cleaning & decorating these areas with emoting quotes inspiring people about going green, and educating them on the detrimental outcomes of global warming. This has become their signature event and now they are on the walls of Hyderabad and Bengaluru. They also conducted “Go Green Ganesha” campaign encouraging the use of clay Ganesha, by setting up a stall in corporates, including Hyderabad office.

He explains running an NGO is similar to running a company; only difference being: they do not get paid for the cause. They are driven by passion and motto “We need to protect the treasure earth for our next generations”.

Sriram quotes, “This goes without saying, being in Quess has given me enough opportunity to go forward with my passion and with the help of my colleagues, I have achieved what I couldn’t before. Their support and confidence in me has led me where I am today. My dream of running an NGO is made possible through their constant support and guidance. I feel very lucky to be in an organization where my personal and professional passions merge, and that is how I am a proud Quessian.”

Authored by:
Weewa Sakalley
Quess Corp Limited

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